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AlbertA lAw Firms & legAl serViCes DireCtOrY

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            Publisher                         Assistant Editors                  Alberta Law Firms &
            B&C List (1982) Ltd.              M. Kostiw-Schvester, K. Kalicharan  Legal Services Directory
                                                                                 is a publication of
            Managing Editor                   Ad Design & Production             B&C List (1982) Ltd.
            K. Welsh                          J. Cupskey                         10215 178th Street
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            Associate Editor                  Layout                             Fax: 1.800.665.4995
            M. Del Cid                        K. Welsh                 

                                                                                 12th Edition

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            Alberta Law Firms & Legal Services Directory has made every effort to ensure the completeness and accuracy
            of this publication. However, occasional errors are unavoidable with any project of this scope. In the event that
            errors appear, the Directory’s sole responsibility will be to correct those errors in succeeding editions. Publisher’s
            Note: If a practicing firm or lawyer has not been included in this publication, they may have requested not to be
            listed. Notification of error and/or inaccuracy should be sent to:
            Editor, Alberta Law Firms & Legal Services Directory, 10215 - 178th Street, Edmonton, AB T5S 1M3

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